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Best Books for Spiritual Entrepreneurs  ›

I've been hosting a book club that focuses on reading spiritual books and applying those principles to business.
by Lauren Fritsch
6 books
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  • A basic primer in how your thoughts impact your life. Great for opening up to ideas around control, time management, positive thinking.

  • One of my all time favorite books. Gorgeous narrative with anecdotes about how the spirit can thrive in a capitalist society. Lenedra gives a great picture of how we can do things differently in business and succeed.

  • A book chock full of advanced principles related to mindset and manifesting. I discover new nuggets every time I read this book.

  • A gut check for your perspective and an invitation to cultivate the seat of the soul.

  • A beautiful and simple fiction novella about Wise Child and her teacher Juniper. So much richness for busy moms and business owners who want to stay connected to the ancient ways of nature.