14 Famous Writers (and a Cat) Who Hate You


When you say, "I really hate that guy", or "man, I just hate being around people" you don't really mean that you HATE them. That's why it's funny, and not horrifying, when comedian Dylan Moran says to his wife, "Oh, I hate you so much it gives me ENERGY!"

You might strongly dislike someone, even loathe them, but hard-boiled, marrow deep, tried-and-true hatred is another thing. Enter misanthropy: "the general hatred, mistrust or disdain of the human species or human nature." Usually self-proclaimed and always sour, these folks really DO hate that guy, and DO hate people as a whole. There have been many such grumps throughout history, including philosophers, poets, comedians, and novelists, but in the internet age, cats get the last word.

Click through for 14 famous misanthropes (and one cat) who hate you!

-By Max Minckler, @maxminckler