Beat the Heat: 7 Novellas for 7 Summer Days


Has the summer heat got you melting like candle wax? I can barely blink my eyes without breaking a sweat. Luckily, page-turning isn't a strenuous exercise. These seven novellas are the perfect way to spend a hot week at home with your fan’s artificial breezes. Once you’re done, you can even swing by your friend’s place to lend her your copy. You know which friend I mean. The one with the air conditioner. And a love of books. But really, the air conditioner.

Below you'll find classics and new favorites. Stories about prisoners in Guantánamo, a teacher and her students, and young lovers. Cry one day and laugh the next. You promised to read more this year, so now’s your chance. These seven novellas will leave you feeling as fresh as a leap into a cold swimming pool. Check them out!

Gina Rodriguez