Emotionally Powerful Graphic Novels


These graphic novels stand out as ones that touch me in some powerfully emotional way when I read them. I didn't simply read and enjoy them, they became a part of my life.

In some cases I can put my finger on exactly what it was about the story that made me respond so powerfully -- as in Brian Michael Bendis' Daredevil: Wake Up, which had me weeping like a baby the first and second time I read it.

Other cases, I try to give you a clue as to why the story affected me when I barely understand it myself -- as in Warren Ellis' Orbiter, which I found uplifting after a difficult reading.

Will they affect you in the same way as they did me? Perhaps and perhaps not. They're great stories but what the reader gets out of it at the end depends on what the reader brings with her or him to the story.

Let me give you a few easy examples: Without my geeky daughter, I Kill Giants would probably have been an entertaining afternoon reading. Without my son being autistic I would have enjoyed Daredevil: Wake Up but I certainly wouldn't have wept at the end. The Watchmen and Elektra: Assassin will probably not be as revelatory to a comic book reader in this day as it was when it was first published in a collected format.

Still, any of these titles would prove to be worth reading no matter who you are. . . unless you happen to have no empathy, in which case I can't help you.

This book list is a work in progress. Check back frequently for more updates. Updated 10/28/2014