Lost in Austen: 11 Essential Reads for Janeites


2013 has been a year brimming with distractions for Austen fans. After suffering with a distinctly Darcy-shaped hole in our lives, all things Pride and Prejudice burst onto the scene in January to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Austen's best-loved novel. Suddenly, we had readathons to enjoy, the movie Austenland to indulge in, and best of all, a plethora of gorgeous Austen-related books to satisfy our empire-waisted cravings! Now that 2013 is at an end, we've decided to collate the cream of this year's releases (along with a couple of fun older titles you can't do without!). So don't fear, if 2014's Austenian offerings seem about as stimulating as a proposal from Mr Collins, dig out one of these books and you're sure to be pleasantly diverted!

- By Kate Hutchings @uk_crumpet