Weird West for fans of The Dark Tower


It's pretty much an exercise in hubris to attempt a readalike list for Stephen King's massive Dark Tower series - eight novels (plus a children's picture book); an interdimensional genre-blend that fuses SF, dark fantasy, horror, and Western elements into a sprawling epic adventure tale.

But, gee, it's fun to try!

For all its varied adventures, the one constant, striking mental image from the series (for me anyway), is that of The Gunslinger standing alone in the middle of a ruined landscape. (And now that there's a movie within reach, I have a more specific mental image in mind, and let's be honest - Idris Elba standing anywhere is pretty darn striking) With that in mind, this is probably more accurately defined as a Weird West list - books that combine Western, horror, and SFF themes in an exciting way - than a true readalike list for The Dark Tower, but I've confined my suggestions to multivolume Weird West selections with a dark, generally apocalyptic tone.

Have gun, will travel. Will likely encounter demons.