#20BooksOfSummer 2017


#20BooksOfSummer is one of those reading challenges I have wanted to participate in since I originally started blogging in [Summer] 2013 (as my blog went LIVE in August). I never could sort out how to participate in the ensuing years, oft-times missing the beginning of the challenge or never making headway towards reading the books I selected to read. This year, I decided to add a mixture of my Book Blogger's Backlogue List with my #currentreads (including a few ARCs) spanning different genres (specifically Contemporary, Historical, Suspense, Small-towne Fiction and Adoption / Mumhood Fiction) and timescapes.

I am wicked excited as some of my choices are books within a series I am either continuing to read and/or are beginning for the first time. All the books are the books I felt would be wicked brilliant to read during this Summer. I was hoping this challenge would help me kick-start my way back into reading without the after effects of a hard Spring (extreme allergies) and a difficult Winter (when Dad had his stroke). Coming out of both seasons hasn't been easy but I am ready to read for the JOY of reading once again!

Bring on the books!

I look forward to visiting everyone's blog and seeing what everyone else is reading, too. I am hoping between scouting out the comments on the #20BooksOfSummer Challenge, the tweets floating into the twitterverse and my wanderings in the book blogosphere, I'll have fun engaging with the bloggers and readers taking part in this Summer's challenge. Perhaps I'll inspire a new List to appear in September: My #20BooksOfSummer Bookish Discoveries! lol Right now, I simply want to DIVE IN and get my read-on!

  • Worthy

  • As Death Draws Near (A Lady Darby Mystery)

  • Allie and Bea : A Novel

  • Inconceivable!

  • Pretty Baby: A Gripping Novel of Psychological Suspense


  • Memory Box Secrets (Coming Home Book 2)

  • Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice)

  • Fatal Mistake: A Novel (White Knights)

  • Ignoring Gravity: An Adoption Reunion Mystery (Identity Detective Book 1)

  • Dear Carolina

  • Promise of Dawn (Under Northern Skies)

  • A Lesson in Hope: A Novel (Hope (2))

  • A Saint in Graceland

  • Just the Facts: A Novel

  • Satisfaction: A Novel

  • Rooville: A Novel

  • The Last Letter (The Letter Series) (Volume 1)

  • Twain's End

  • True Believer

Read my expanded post via Jorie Loves A Story why I picked these stories!