A Book Blogger's Backlogue : #NextReads 2017


The following selections were books I was intending to read for review between 2015 and 2016; wherein I fell behind one book at a time, and with a year such as 2016 where I stumbled a bit in my reading life to find buoyancy and balance - you could say, a simple backlogue turnt into quite the epic #TBRMountainofBooks!

I had earnestly intended to pick up one book off the backlogue list - read it, review it and celebrate it's discovery throughout 2016. I wanted to work towards making amends with the authors as much as finally laying thought and mind on the stories which have winked at me from my bookshelves and curiously awaited my eyes to dig into their souls. Their spirits have wavered along with my focus - wherein I would consider 2016 the year I fought to re-love reading and blogging moreso than I could say each month was blissfully bookish.

My personal medical issues (my chronic migraines returned) to personal loss (my cat died tragically from Cancer; unexpectedly) to culminating with a family medical emergency Thanksgiving weekend (my Dad had a stroke) - I can honestly say, I would go for long periods of time trying to find the joy I once had devouring stories. I came through everything but sadly, if I tried to read a war drama, I was not ready for it emotionally. If I tried to read a story about Cancer - it was like my whole heart melted into a puddle of angst and indifference. If I tried to simply just dig into a smaller novel or a convicting non-fiction, my mind wandered.

I know I'm not the only book blogger whose struggled to make up lost hours and resume where they left off with the stories - however, this is my story 'behind' the backlogue. I hope I can encourage other bookish souls not to give up and to know one day, you'll find your bookish heart has healed and the stories are breathing back a light of joy to consume. This is what I am finding and I do hope it's the same for you if your finding yourself treading water whilst trying to fight to keep your love of blogging your reading life from disappearing. Life is complicated but I have found blogging to be a saving grace and a true uplift of spirit - finding a way to focus on stories, characters and the journey of authors is a blessing in my life. I might muddle myself into a pickle, but I pick myself up - and find a way back to where stories bridge that beautiful gap between imagination and memory.

It should be known - prior to my migraines & my Dad's stroke, I was working towards reading *all!* the Science Fiction titles on this list during #RRSciFiMonth (aka: Sci Fi November). I have instead moved forward with my readings by cross-promoting them with the Sci-Fi Experience - the second annual Science Fiction Bookish Event I love participating during December/January.

Visit me on my blog (#JLASblog) linked at the bottom or tweet me (@joriestory) if one of these lovelies was a wicked good read of your own OR if this List inspired you to try a #newtomeauthor! :) Thank you for reading and sharing this part of my journey!

*List is set in stone - no titles will be added (after 31 DEC 2016).
**Likewise, once this backlogue is erased, a new one will not be generated.

// Updates:

By Summer 2017 I've reviewed the following:
all in her head; vote for remi; natural color; haunted; along the way; the little paris bookshop; a very blessed christmas (colouring book); christmas quiet (colouring book/journal); holy shakespeare; winning plays; the smoke hunter; complexity; gifts of the magi; the semper sonnet; you're the cream in my coffee; more to follow! (16 JUN 17)

  • You're the Cream in My Coffee

  • The Semper Sonnet

  • Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection

  • The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel

  • Vote for Remi: A Novel

  • Along the Way: Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago

  • Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy)

  • All In Her Head: A Novel

  • A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book

  • Christmas Quiet: Receiving the Gift of His Presence: A 25-Day Devotional Coloring Book

  • Holy Shakespeare!: 101 Scriptures That Appear in Shakespeare's Plays, Poems, and Sonnets

  • Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects for Your Home and Wardrobe

  • Complexity: The Evolution of Earth's Biodiversity and the Future of Humanity

  • The Smoke Hunter

  • Winning Plays: Tackling Adversity and Achieving Success in Business and in Life

  • Such Mad Fun: Ambition and Glamour in Hollywood's Golden Age

  • Indy Writes Books: A Book Lovers Anthology

  • Far Orbit Apogee (Far Orbit Anthology Series Book 2)

  • The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

  • 101 Things You Should Do Before Going to Heaven

Reviews will be posted my bookish blog: Jorie Loves A Story.