Different Books, Same Titles


Much like names, slogans and ideas, book titles are not protected by most national copyright laws - which is why so many books have the same titles. This can be confusing for book buyers sometimes. A reader may, inadvertently, come home with the wrong book. With hope, it ends up being a great read and a wonderful new discovery - but it's not what was intended.

I have compiled a list of books, written by different authors, which share the same title.

  • The Girls

  • The Girls: A Novel

  • The Girls

  • The Nest (Ala Notable Children's Books. Middle Readers)

  • The Nest

  • Invisible Man

  • The Invisible Man (Penguin Classics)

  • Life After Life: A Novel

  • Life After Life: A Novel

  • The Outlander

  • Outlander

  • Winter's Tale

  • Winter's Tale, The

  • One Day (Vintage Contemporaries)

  • One Day

  • Cloud Atlas

  • The Cloud Atlas: A Novel

  • Double Pa

  • The Double

  • The Inheritors

Inspired by an article at AARP's blog