Next Reads & New Releases Anxious to Read - Summer / Autumn 2014!


I am a curator of lists - most of the time I am curating the lists and keeping them stored in my memory, for such a time to sort through which author & story I want to soak into next, and therefore, continue on my bookish quest of discovering illuminating story-lines and the writers who enchant my heart with their craft for telling a story which bewitches me wholly and true. I love wordsmiths who create realised worlds, and full-bodied characters full of depth, heart, and spirit. I like to dig into narratives that deeply etch their emotional hearts and convicting stories into bits and bobbles of my own essence, as much as I like to read lighter reads which are a pure lift of joy to consume! I love wandering around the literary worlds (i.e. genres & categories of thematic), seeking to further explore what I have not yet tethered my eyes and allowed myself the pleasure of being transported into a new time, place, and world.

I truly am a bookish library girl - always seeking out new literary experiences and adventures!

This is one list of many more to come of the stories which are next in line of my reading queue! This is only a small sampling of what I am going to be reading, and I hope it shows my diverse palette of interests as much as the wicked joy of being a book blogger! Join my adventures on my bookish blog: Jorie Loves A Story (.com) and converse with me as I read! I appreciate conversations and comments alike. My current list of blog tours & reviews are under: "Bookish Events 2014", the full archive of reviews are under "Story Vault", and you can read about me via "My Bookish Life".

Until our paths shall cross,...

(one novel I could not seek in the database yet needs to be included is: "Lemongrass Hope" by Amy Impellizzeri) ("Lemongrass Hope" was able to be added 1st of September, 2014!!)

All books read & reviewed between 21st June (first day of Summer) - 21st December, 2014 (the first day of Winter) Final Book Added: TBD.

  • Pieces of Granite (Coming Home Prequel)

  • The Story Keeper (A Carolina Heirlooms Novel)

  • A Holiday Miracle in Apple Blossom

  • First Frost

  • The Visitors

  • The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken

  • A League of Her Own

  • We'll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir

  • New England Rocks

  • Monsoon Mists (Kinross)

  • Highland Storms (Choc Lit) (Kinross Series Book 2)

  • Trade Winds

  • The Language of Hoofbeats

  • A Home for Christmas (Short Story Collection)

  • The Spoils of Avalon (A John Singer Sargent/Violet Pagent Mystery) (Volume 1)

  • Seldom Come By (The Iceberg Trilogy Book 1)

  • Crown of Dust

  • Like There's No Tomorrow

  • Glow: A Novel

  • White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy

All of the following books are going to be readily discussed & blogged about on my bookish blog in forthcoming weeks & months!