Equality in Literature & Diversity in Literature : walk hand in hand


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26 Days | 26 Essays [epic journey] Today is Letter “E”. Hint: The World is a Melting Pot

This is the title I gave to an essay I had written during the A to Z Challenge, which is a blogosphere writing challenge each April; hosted by atozchallenge.blogspot.com! I was originally going to compose and write all 26 essays during the 26 day challenge in April 2014, my first year of participation. However, time and life interfered with my plans, therefore I am still in the progress of picking up where I left off in the alphabet! What drew my eye into the challenge originally was being in a position to share bits and bobbles of myself as a reader and as a book blogger.

This essay is near and dear to my heart because it speaks about everything I believe and everything that I cherish, which I happily seek out in stories during my literary wanderings! I encourage you to click the referral link to my blog's original post of this topic and if compelled, perhaps leave me a note in the comment threads. Sharing your own joy of reading diversity & equality stories, and talking about how both of these walk hand in hand to create change in the landscape of literature.

I even welcome comments about book recommendations & suggestions of next reads!

I also participated in the movement on Twitter for: #WeNeedDiverseBooks Happily tweeting out affirmations & positive tweets about why diversity in literature is important & why I love reading books of equality!

  • Toads and Diamonds

  • Solace of the Road

  • Eli the Good

  • Gateway

  • Marcelo In The Real World

  • Anything But Typical

  • All the Broken Pieces

  • Return to Sender

  • Finding Miracles

  • Ten Cents a Dance

  • Flygirl

  • Beneath My Mother's Feet

  • Blackthorn Winter

  • Holding Up the Earth

  • Ghost Hawk

  • Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes: A Novel (Jana Bibi Adventures Book 1)

  • The Sandalwood Tree: A Novel

  • Miss New India

  • The Pleasure Seekers: A Novel

  • Teatime for the Firefly

_+ #atozchallenge _+ 26 Days | 26 Essays [epic journey] Today is Letter “E”. Hint: The World is a Melting Pot