This #ChocLitSaturdays girl has a #ChocLit Next Reads List! :)


Originally, I decided to block out my ChocLit choices by grids of four books, as I wanted to be able to organise my reading desires with my abilities as a ChocLit reviewer. From those original grids, I have expanded to include all the lovely ChocLitUK novels that whet an interest in my heart and give my imagination a strong pull of curiosity! I'll readily admit it - I'm a Romance reader who is happily engaged into the light and heart of character-driven stories! I love relationship-based romance, as much as historical etched settings! I tend to grab a nod towards a historical story over a contemporary, which puzzles me a bit as I appreciate Debbie MacComber (i.e. the Angel series, Cedar Cove, & I want to get into Blossom Street!) and Sherryl Woods (Serenity series). I think I need to remember to seek out contemporary stories, as I am generally oft roaming the historical past! Laughs with mirth!

Through my blog feature #ChocLitSaturdays, and the accompanying chat in the twitterverse on Saturday mornings/afternoons (depending on your time zone!); I am hoping that my joy of reading ChocLit will inspire another reader to pick up a selection by them & find what I have found inside! A lot of wickedly delightful heroes and heroines, a smorgasbord of settings, eras, and backdrops, with the interweaving of strong drama and dialogue! These are fully realised worlds where romance and a character journey walk hand in hand! I am creating this list to highlight the stories which move me and make me want to read their words. Perhaps you will find one that enchants your own murmuring bookish soul?

I am always uplifted after reading a novel by this publisher, and that is something quite wonderful to celebrate!

NOTE: Previously I included my favourite 'historical romance' novels by ChocLit on my Favourite Historical Fiction List!


Books not yet released (digital first) into print editions:
"Cross Stitch" by Amanda James (2014 paperback)
"How I Wonder What You Are" by Jane Lovering (2015 paperback)
"The Wedding Cake Tree" by Melanie Hudson (2015 paperback)
"Never Marry a Politician" by Sarah Waights (currently only TBR in ebook)
"Beyond a Far Horizon" by Sally Malcolm (2015 paperback)
"Too Charming" by Kathryn Freeman (2015 paperback)
"The Wild One" by Janet Gover *eagerly awaiting the next Coorah Creek novel by Janet Grover!
"Evie Undercover" by Liz Harris (2015 paperback)
"Dancing in the Rain" by Amanda James*
(ADDED: OCT 2015) "The Lost Girl" by Liz Harris

*TBR = to be released; therefore awaiting print and/or audiobook

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The night before Thanksgiving 2014, I started to add novella &/or short stories from ChocLitUK to my ChocLit Next Reads List as I can now accept novellas and/or short stories in ePub or PDF. I cannot read full-length novels or any non-fiction titles in a digital format due to the length of the book(s).

*Amended (January 2015): Awaiting these to be released on Audiobooks due how novellas (digital) are longer than I originally thought they might be. I truly am a traditional ChocLit reader in the sense I read the stories in print and await the day to listen to them by audiobook!

"A Western Heart" by Liz Harris
"The Art of Deception" by Liz Harris
"Grand Designs" by Linda Mitchelmore
"Only True in Fairy Tales" by Christine Stovell
"Cora's Christmas Kiss" by Alison May
"Hope for Hannah" by Linda Mitchelmore
"Desperate Remedies" by Christina Courtenay
"Marry in Haste" by Christina Courtenay
"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" by Christina Courtenay
"Blueprint for Love" by Henriette Gyland
"Choc Lit Love Match" - collection of short stories by ChocLitUK authors
ADDED: (OCT 2015) "Christmas in Coorah Creek" by Janet Gover

---- UPDATE #2!

In 2015, #ChocLitSaturdays will promote the blog features on behalf of ChocLitUK novels & novelists whereas #ChocLitSaturday becomes the weekly Saturday Romance Chat housed at Nurph! Please visit @ChocLitSaturday on Twitter for more information!

Books I am reading Winter/Spring 2015:

"Somewhere Beyond the Sea" by Amanda James
"Up Close" by Henriette Gyland
"Dance Until Dawn" by Berni Stevens

Followed by Summer 2015:
"Trade Winds" by Christina Courtenay
"Highland Storms" by Christina Courtenay
"Monsoon Mists" by Christina Courtenay
"New England Rocks" by Christina Courtenay
& "The Secret Kiss of Darkness" by Christina Courtenay

*"The Soft Whisper of Dreams" makes "The Secret Kiss of Darkness" a duology!

"The Untied Kingdom" was recommended to me by a fellow reader of ChocLit who assured me it is intense but not too intense as to curb my joy of reading it! At first glance, I originally felt it was a bit more than I could handle, so I appreciated the ChocLit'er who chatted with me on Twitter about this novel!

"No Such Thing as Immortality" was highly recommended during #ChocLitSaturday convos throughout October and I decided it would be quite interesting to read after having heard so many different nods of acclaim from fellow ChocLit writers who read it inasmuch as readers! They charmed me truly, as I'm not a typical 'vampire' reading kind of gal! lol

---- This list is constantly being updated on a month by month basis as I discover which new releases of ChocLitUK pique my interest to read as much as which novels in their backlist appeal to me too. All stories I read will be either in paperback or audiobook.

I will close this list on 31st December 2015 to begin anew in 2016!


All That Mullarkey & Love and Freedom by Sue Moorcroft
*couldn't get into the series

KEY to Reading List:
Top Row = Books Previously Read OR in Queue to Read Next
Books 2nd Row = Books in Queue to Read Next
3rd Row & Down to End = my ChocLit Next Reads!

  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea

  • A Stitch in Time

  • Dance until Dawn

  • Up Close (Choc Lit) (Twist in the Tale Book 1)

  • Fool's Gold

  • Starting Over

  • The UnTied Kingdom (Choc Lit)

  • The Silver Locket (Choc Lit) (Charton Minster Book 1)

  • The Wedding Cake Tree

  • The Scarlet Kimono

  • Evie Undercover

  • Evie Undercover (Choc Lit)

  • The Wild One (Coorah Creek)

  • Too Charming (Choc Lit)

  • Talk to Me

  • The Golden Chain

  • You Think You Know Me (Choc Lit) (London & Cambridge Mysteries Book 1)

  • The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk (Choc Lit) (Pirates of Ile Sainte Anne Book 1)

  • Trade Winds

  • Highland Storms (Choc Lit) (Kinross Series Book 2)

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