The Dangerous Ones: 8 SFF Books About Perilous Reading


The National Endowment for the Arts selected 34 books this year for their Big Read, but of those books only one is actually about reading: Ray Bradbury's classic "Fahrenheit 451". A novel about how dangerous books can be, how the sharing of ideas disrupts the placid herd society, it also shows how vital they are for our humanity.

The Big Read book coincides perfectly with Banned Book Week, starting September 22, and provokes thought about the nature of "dangerous books". The common theme of frequent banned books is that they encourage reflection on some of the harder aspects of life. And while I personally don't agree with banning books, there is a truth to the idea that books are dangerous. They inspire new ideas and feeling, and can alter what you believe and how you see the world.

But the below SFF books take the inherent danger of reading to a new level. The books in these novels (how meta) are treacherous, and threaten our heroes with grievous bodily harm. So reader, be wary. These dangerous, dastardly books might change the way you approach reading.

Source: National Endowment for the Arts, The Big Read