Heart of Winter (Shakespeare´s Moon Book 1)

James Hartley

This creepy winter story is about a young girl, Enid Waters, who arrives at St Francis´ School in the middle of a violent storm. Welcomed by the headmaster, Enid soon finds that the school in the middle of nowhere contains eerie, powerful forces. Instead of feeling afraid, the young girl feels at home for the first time in her life. And so does the magic which resides in the old buildings. Heart of Winter is a short story which introduces you to the world of St Francis´ School, scene of an upcoming series of Young Adult Books by James Hartley. It forms the prequel to The Invisible Hand, a novel due to be published by Lodestar Books in February 2017. This disquieting, gothic tale is for readers who have a taste for the macabre. Look closely at the School in the cover. Do you see yourself there? Or Enid, perhaps? Waiting for you...

42 pages

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