SHE WANTS TO WRITE A MYSTERY. INSTEAD SHE’S EMBROILED IN ONEWhen a famous author agrees to teach a writing course at the library, amateur sleuth Deena Sharpe eagerly signs up. But on the second day of class, the author’s wife dies in a car crash, and the police suspect foul play. Is it a hoax to teach his students about plotting a murder mystery? Not likely.Deena dives into the investigation when a friend is accused of the crime. With her brother’s help, she must clear their friend’s name and stay out of trouble with the town’s newest detective. As if that weren’t enough, it’s her husband’s birthday and her pushy mother-in-law is coming to town. What’s a Southern gal to do?Sharpe Turn: Murder by the Book is Book 4 in the Maycroft Mysteries.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 222 pages

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