The Jesus Man: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Horror

Keith Anthony Baird

NOTE: A story which incorporates similar themes to major motion pictures such as these - MAD MAX, THE ROAD, THE BOOK OF ELI, THE EXORCIST. Written in a style which is reminiscent of H.P. LOVECRAFT and EDGAR ALLAN POE. It is 2037. Radicals in the Middle East have done the unthinkable. Nuclear weapons have been unleashed and the escalation of exchanges blackens the skies. The world goes dark. Crops fail, economies collapse. Countries close borders, cease trading with one another and declare martial law. As oil and power dwindle, the descent into chaos follows and the global meltdown unfolds. Half a century ahead, a US desert colony is a place of sanctuary, standing as the sole remaining seat of the human race and the remnants of the Christian faith. Unimaginable danger lies ahead: a malevolent entity is determined to claim this broken territory as a piece in a long-waged celestial conflict. With a growing sense of doom, The Jesus Man delivers a terrifying vision of Hell on Earth.

293 pages

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