There are so many things Bob Deaken remembers about Greystone Bay. He could tell you about what he and a friend found in the wreck of an old Chevy down where the blind man lives amid the junked cars. He could tell you about the time the snakes started coming out of old lady Farrow's faucets and what she did with them. He could tell you about that Elvis Presley impersonator who came to town and went crazy when he couldn't get his makeup off. Some things he wouldn't want to tell you after the sun goes down... This time, Deacon tells you about the house across the street, painted a striking shade of red a color that reflects a dark secret about his family's new neighbors. In addition to The Red House, master storyteller Robert R. McCammon provides two more tales about the strange world of Greystone Bay: Doom City, where most of the town's citizens have been reduced to ash and bones, and a supernatural force threatens the few survivors; and Beauty, where the SeaHarp Hotel welcomes the winner of the Miss Greystone Beauty Pageant... but neither the hotel or pageant winner are exactly as they seem.

Cemetery Dance Pubns 110 pages

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