Bitter Cold: A Clockwork Republics Book (The Clockwork Republics Series) (Volume 4)

Katina French

Childhood friends Kit and Greta live in an alternate 1886 powered by mechanical marvels and alchemical magic. When Kit is captured by a ruthless industrialist known as the Snow Queen, Greta risks everything to save him. Can a stubborn young lady defeat the most powerful woman in the world with a little alchemy, a lot of luck, and a clockwork reindeer? Or will the Snow Queen's diabolical device, the Eternity Engine, wreak an icy reckoning? Featuring The Curious Case of the Cobbler's Christmas Happily ever after will have to wait. Kit and Greta have tried to put adventure behind them. But the world needs saving -- again.

Per Bastet Publications LLC 224 pages

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