Outlaw Jane (Rimrider Adventures Book 2)

L. A. Kelley

New friendships are forged. Old enemies emerge and Jane Benedict’s life takes an unexpected turn. With barely time to celebrate the victory at Golgotha, the Freetrader Council tasks Jane to find the leewits and forge an alliance to destroy the company’s hold over Rimrock. With Gem at her side, Jane journeys to their secret enclave only to discover hidden dangers and a less-than-warm homecoming for Gem. Forging an alliance will be trickier than expected. With the leewit alliance temporarily on hold, duty summons Jane and Gem back to the Solar Vortex. Jaden Solis has stepped up harassment of the colonists, forcing the Freetrader fleet to stay on the run from UEC cruisers. To combat the growing threat Mac, now a captain with the rangers, accepts a risky assignment near Golgotha. A restless Jane searches for a new challenge and is offered an apprenticeship in stellar navigation. Will she take it? After all, everyone knows to navigate a spaceship, insanity is a job requirement. Battling both perils in deep space and a horrific plot to crush the colonial rebellion on Rimrock, Jane and her friends dive into new adventures on the galactic rim.

L. A. Kelley 318 pages

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