Memories of a Broken Girl (Memories Series Book 1)

Harley Maye

Southern sorority brides travelled from their big Texas cities all the way to Austin just so I could be their award-winning wedding planner. I was the perfect good girl living a precisely planned life, until the day Ryan left me. That’s when all the lies and dirty little secrets came crashing down around me like a fragile glass house. Everything I had done to keep him was now ripping my reputation and conscience to shreds. Then Bodie Brooks came back home. Hiding his own secrets, he had returned for something he saw in a dream. When our paths collided, he ignited a spark deep inside of me that had long ago been lost. He made me want what I was worth, and believe that love might actually exist. And that scared me to death. He had always been unattainable and one step ahead of me. I had become broken into a million pieces. And then I was forced to decide if I would do what I promised myself I would never do again.

Harley Maye (April 21, 2016) 191 pages

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