Jennie Bateman has fallen in love again with Thomas, her former husband, but Tasha, his daughter, is determined to destroy their relationship. Jennie destroyed their first marriage two decades earlier when, in the midst of a manic episode, she abandoned Thomas, choosing, instead, a life of shameless debauchery. Now, they have rekindled their love, but Tasha, Thomas’s daughter, is determined to block any plans for a second wedding. After all, Tasha declares, Jennie’s medicine won’t work forever, and another manic episode surely lies in her future. When it erupts, it will ruin Thomas’s life a second time. Shamed by Tasha and hoping to prove she is cured, Jennie ponders tossing her medication, but. she fears Tasha is correct − she will fail the test, and the demons of her disorder will rush back in. In Once and Future Wife, we follow Jennie as she goes a second round with her demons as they conspire to thwart her chance for a second marriage and to steal the love and happiness that seem to be within her grasp. A stand alone sequel to Those Children Are Ours, Once and Future Wife picks up four years after the first book ends. Each can be read and enjoyed alone.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 232 pages

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