"What if the Universe is really a giant thought?"   Luminis Books presents this compelling tale of one scientist's quest for knowledge--sure to make readers to question life, the Universe, and everything in it.   Theodore Reveil, one of the leading lights in String Theory physics, is invited to share his latest research at an international conference--only to realize he's lost the notes for his presentation. Nervous and unprepared for the podium, he instead poses a question to the audience:   What if the Universe is really a giant thought? As the hall falls silent, he takes his theory further, stating, "The infinities and singularities in our equations may be telling us that what we are missing is unknowable in terms of physical science. These unsolvable terms in our equations may be road signs pointing to consciousness--to God--as the missing piece of the puzzle." Antiphony traces the downward spiral of Theodore's career in the wake of what he has said, and the remarkable transformation that leads him into the depths of madness... or the revelation of the Final Theory, the ultimate secret of the Universe. PHYSICS / STRING THEORY / SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE / LITERARY FICTION / QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE / PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER /  METAPHYSICAL FICTION

Luminis Books 204 pages

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