The Seduction of Silence

Bem Le Hunte

From a haunted room in the Spiritualist Church of Great Britain to the breathtaking hills of the Himalaya, 'The Seduction of Silence' takes us on the spiritual and emotional journeys of five generations in a remarkable Indian family. Aakash, venerated sage and healter, is the founder of Prakriti - an abundant ayurvedic farm in the Himalayas. From this soulful mountain home, his children and grandchildren set off to make the journeys that create their destinies: Ram to search for enlightenment; Tulsi Devi to a convent in Lahore where her life will change forever; Rohini across the world on a painted bus to a new land and a radical new kind of freedom. Encountering aghoris who smear themselves with the ashes of the dead and eat food out of human skulls; eunuchs who dance, tease and lure; and a midwife as radical as any witch burnt at the stake in years gone by, The Seduction of Silence is an important debut of immense power and magic.

The Royalties Press 416 pages

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