Catori's Worlds

Murielle Cyr

Catori has all the odds stacked against her: a loner with mismatched eyes who hates school and just about everybody who goes there. Her ability to see things nobody else does makes her an oddball at school. She accidently boards the wrong bus to school one morning and is transported to a strange parallel world. There’s no way back for her; the bus she boarded doesn't do return trips and she has to figure out her own way back. She discovers that the evil forces over-running this parallel world are tracking her down and have no intention of letting her go home alive. Trusting strangers doesn't come easy to her, but her only hope of escaping her hunters is to follow Miren, a girl she encounters in the public restrooms. They manage to reach a secluded wood where Catori meets up with Otsoa, the only boy who has ever made her feel like she was worthy of love. She must fight another intense battle – she must choose between her loyalty to her friend Miren and her infatuation for Otsoa, the handsome, would-be rock star. The evil forces have zeroed in on them and Catori must fight for her life. What chance does a lone fifteen-year-old girl have to confront those powerful forces? Does she bow to their evil scheme of taking over planet Earth or does she fight them to her last breath?

Murielle Cyr 127 pages

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Christoph Fischer

about 1 month ago

“Catori’s World” by Muriele Cyr is a wonderful and amazing book for young adults. Right from the beginning the story draws the reader in with a powerful narrative voice, hinting at some unresolved family issues after her father’s death. Catori is a lovely teenager, somewhat isolated and trying to make sense of her world, yet very likeable and compelling to watch. She has angst,some good fight in her and disarming honesty. A bus journey one morning takes her to a new world where she becomes stuck. The parallel world has good and evil forces but also new wonders and some new friends that help her fight the evil that comes after her. The world is magical and provides a lot of food for thought for teenagers and adults alike. Murielle Cyr has an imaginative and original mind and has written what I want to call a fantasy with a cause. Ideas in the other world, such as a crop that won’t need attention to grow, playfully mention some of the common problems the earth faces, but they form only part of an excellent fictitious narrative. The story has a smooth flow, is written in impeccable prose with tight editing and offers – along the way - charming insights into human beings and our society. I really loved reading it and ran late for an appointment because of my involvement into the plot. The book has an inspiring message about self-acceptance and self-realisation, it is fun to read and one of my reading highlights this year. Highly recommended

Jams N. Roses

about 1 month ago

Good read for any young adult fans.

Patti Fiala

about 1 month ago

How fantastic to have a book like this to share with my grandchildren. Parallel universes, dark forces, teenage love and the ability to see things no one else sees! Fabulous.

Stephany Tullis

about 1 month ago

Great read! Recommended this book to the YA readers in my reading circles....nice job Ms. Cyr.


about 1 month ago

I love this book. Muriele Cyr is a wonderful author with several amazing books. I enjoyed reading it.

Melodie Ramone

9 days ago

Catori’s world is a powerful, inspirational Young Adult book. Heavy on imagery, Ms. Cyr uses sharp visual descriptions and expressive prose to bring you into the moment with the main character, Catori, who is a troubled and misunderstood teenager. Unbeknownst to Catori, she is a special child who has been chosen by inter-dimensional beings to understand and share the knowledge of their parallel world. Catori finds herself in a different world, facing dangers she never could have imagined would be real. But through these trials and the people she meets, she learns how to use her own inner gifts to protect herself, and how to love and trust the forces of nature that exist within and without her. Catori’s world is a fast-moving, entertaining read that gives an important message: we are all connected to the world we live in and interconnected to the worlds that surround us. We rely on all things as all things rely upon us and because of this, true courage and strength is only as far away as the quiet we can find in ourselves.