Neuropsychology: Science and Practice

Compiled reviews of the recent literature are a long established tradition in the laboratory and clinical sciences, and bring to their professions a useful and timely summary of the advances that have been made in the field. Neuropsychology has matured as a science and profession to support a like effort to summarize, across domains, the direction and momentum in the field. The authors are authorities in the subjects they review and provide for the investigator, practitioner and student an overview of the important developments in neuropsychology that cannot be realized from perusal of the journals alone. Interest in the reviews are likely to go beyond the discipline of neuropsychology, and will extend to all with an interest in science of brain-behavior relationships, in the study of disease and injury as they affect brain function, and in the rehabilitation of the individual who has suffered insult to brain. Chapters cover the pragmatic application of tests and test findings to improve our understanding of the behavior of individuals who present with neurocognitive disorders. Where there is interest in efficiently acquiring a sound perspective of the important advances and the future direction of neuropsychology, Neuropsychology: A Review of Science and Practice will provide the means for so doing as no other publication can offer.

Oxford University Press 304 pages

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