Feel the Burn: A Tribe of Hecate Story (Dragon Royalty Book 4)

Terri A. Wilson

An outlaw king. A reluctant queen. A hidden world exposed. Remington Montgomery didn’t ask for Fate to screw with his life. But Fate is a fickle mistress. Now he’s on the run accused of a crime he didn’t commit. This wasn’t how his life was supposed to be. Who wants to follow a king that can’t even follow the law. Dai Ito wants to believe her mate. In her heart, she knows he isn’t capable of doing what they said. But a thread of doubt weaves itself through her mind and she finds it hard to defend the man she thought she knew. It doesn’t help that her friends and family are hiding a secret. Dai doesn’t want to serve alone. But would it be better to serve by herself than serve with a man she can’t trust? Does Remington have enough love for them both? Now, an old enemy threatens to destroy their traditions and will stretch Remi’s and Dai’s love to the point that it might break.

123 pages

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