Tribalism: The Curse of 21st Century America

Michael C Anderson

The United States is now a country of tribes, Left and Right, and it's scary to contemplate what this could turn into. The federal government is paralyzed. All political battles are special interest group against special interest group and no one is paying attention to the issues that really matter; the budget deficit, entitlements, health care, and education, to name a few. I determined to dig into this issue and write about it; to get the word out to all who are interested in learning more.This subject of tribalism leads to questions that need to be answered. What are the forces that made us tribal? Assuming tribalism is bad, how do we get back to a time when we can communicate and debate ideas freely? What are the risks of America continuing in a tribal state? The time for action is now. Clearly, we are not moving forward and continuing to ignore the danger we face would be a serious mistake.

Simms Books Publishing Corporation 330 pages

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