One Crazy Wolf (Southern Shifters Book 9)

Eliza Gayle

A Wolf and a dragon walk into a bar…Oh hell no. He’s not going there EVER. As the lone sane wolf amidst a pack of intelligence challenged rogues, Simon wonders why he volunteered for this insane mission. That’s the million dollar question. Except he knows exactly why he did it and he can’t hide the truth much longer. Not once he catches the scent of the new girl in town. Holy Shit. She’s one part wet dream, two parts his worst nightmare. Which part do you think is going to win? Kenzie flees Scotland and follows her brother to the Southern mountains of America to escape what her family considers her obligation. Screw that. What she finds instead could bring down her past, present and future. But so what if she’s attracted to a wolf? She’d have to be blind not to notice the blond hotness sitting at the bar filling out a pair of jeans like a boss. It can just be one time, right? RIGHT??!!

Gypsy Ink Books 258 pages

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