Hot & Bothered: A Tribe of Hecate Story (Dragon Royalty Book 3)

Terri A. Wilson

How do you protect those you love when you can’t trust anyone? It was easy for Remington Montgomery to protect Atlanta when he focused all his energy on his sworn duty. As soon as that attention splits, he failed, and the woman he loves paid the price. Now, his beliefs are shattered, he doesn’t know who to trust, and he’s lost all confidence. Dai Ito saw herself as a strong independent woman with a definite life plan. Serving next to Remi, as queen, was never on her vision board. Though she will never be like the queens who served before her, she must live up to her destiny or lose the man she loves. These two dragons are forced to follow a tradition that binds them as lovers but challenges them as individuals. But when evidence shows that one of them may be behind the savage murders afflicting Atlanta, they have to set aside their need for independence and fight together as one.

158 pages

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