Billionaire Oil Bearons: A Bear Fursuits Box Set

Isadora Montrose

Billionaire Oil Bearons Box Set: 5 BBW/Bearshifter Romances Five bears in hot fursuit of curvy soulmates. With more money than bear sense, the Billionaire Bascoms are used to buying happiness. They’re loaded up with fancy cars, fancy duds, & fancy women. So why are their inner bears unsatisfied? Bear Skin: Bear shifter Zeke is half-frozen when he pounds on Jenna’s cabin door. This she-bear doesn’t have much choice but to thaw the icy stranger out – skin to skin. Could surly Zeke’s billions entice his curvy angel to give her heart to a cantankerous, wounded warrior, or will she keep the baby and toss the stud? Bear Pause: Unless she rustles up a husband and child pronto, Laura will lose the ranch she’s spent ten years running. Her hot new stable hand looks like he’s up for a temporary marriage. But alpha male Steve has a few secrets of his own, and he isn’t any she-bear’s boy toy. Bear Sin: Arrogant lawyer Patrick hides his bear beneath a slick veneer. Will cubs on the way & a shotgun marriage finally rouse his protective bear? Or is he too metrosexual to forge a bear bond with feisty BBW Heather? Bear Fate: Trophy or treasure? Grieving Amber is caught between two fierce warriors. Filthy rich Calvin has spent his whole life stuffing his bear down deep. Lance Prescott returned from war with his face in ruins and a scarred soul. Will she choose with her head or her heart? Snowed in with the Bear: Forthright, widowed she-grizzly strips off possessive, protective black bear’s sophisticated veneer and unleashes his primitive inner soul. BBW Amanda makes Calvin forget his city women. Where will their forbidden desires take this mismatched pair? You’ll be up all night with these 5 smouldering page-turners because Isadora’s adventure, steam, and snarky humor are guaranteed to arouse your inner she-bear. This is a collection of previously published books.

846 pages

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