Prepper Survival Guide for Women: Supply List (Volume 2)

Carlene A Walker

With the increase in tensions around the world and in the US, and with the specter of climate change threatening even more natural disasters, more and more people are beginning to think about getting prepared for the unthinkable. Survivalism has always been mainly the province of men, but in times of disaster, it will still be the women who will do the most work and there have been few books directly addressed to them, the wives and mothers who will be the ones cleaning up most of the mess made by the men – as usual. Carlene A. Walker has set out to fill this void by relating her own experience of building and stocking her own retreat. The Prepper Survival Guide for women is a comprehensive study of what could happen and the best ways to prepare for and deal with the harsh realities. True to her personality, Ms Walker manages to make all these heavy subjects a bit lighter with her natural and effusive sense of humor. Vol. 1 is a series of commentaries on the different things that could happen, from avalanches to earthquakes, and insurrections to world war. Ms Walker considers the best ways to prepare to deal with their aftermath and in Vol. 2, she presents us with a detailed checklist of everything you will need to survive in a topsy-turvy world in which nothing will ever be the same. A sample of the contents for Vol. 1 include such topics as: Take stock of yourself and your skills, Guns and Ammunition, Heating and Air conditioning, Money, Shelter types, Transportation, Trash and Garbage, Pets and Livestock. Children, Long term survival food and Nutrition, Health and Present Day Safety. A total of 75 chapters in all. A sampling of Vol. 2 includes: Bartering items, Security measures, Communication, Fire control, Hunting & Fishing,, Fuel needs, Gardening, Paper and Plastic products, Tools for various tasks, Vitamins and minerals. Fifty-six topics in all. Each of these topics is covered in detail and the large 8.5 X 11 format allows you to easily fill in the blanks of items needed to survive. The Prepper Survival Guide for women should be an essential part of any Prepper or Survivalist library.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 240 pages

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