The New Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Matthew Biggs

Praise for the previous edition: "These three amazing authors have put together a must-have book for any vegetable grower." -- Washington Gardener "What is not included in this definitive and beautifully illustrated sourcebook on edible landscape?" -- The American Herb Association "Satisfying ... There's an abundance of information and tantalizing pictures." -- The New York Times The first edition of Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit was published in 2006. All editions and formats sold more than one million copies and it quickly became a classic reference. A decade later, this edition adds a new jacket, updates the design, and expands by 60 new pages for a total of over 70 vegetables, 100 herbs and 100 popular fruits. The most current information on plant varieties and cultivation techniques make it the essential sourcebook for all food gardeners, especially for anyone who would like to start growing organic produce, and who feels they need some expert advice. The coverage is phenomenal -- from the care of asparagus through the seasons to the huge number of apples that can be grown in even the smallest spaces. Lavish illustrations in an accessible layout, and clear and accurate text applicable to all regions invite readers to browse and try growing something new. The listings open with a large photograph of the plant and a description. The topics include: species and common names; recommended varieties; cultivation techniques (propagation, growing, maintenance); container growing; harvesting and storing; pests and diseases; companion planting; medicinal uses; culinary uses, with recipes; and other uses and warnings. Additional images show other parts of the plant during the seasons, as well as recipe photographs.

Firefly Books 704 pages

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