Touch of Madness: A Science Fiction Romance (Magic, New Mexico Book 6)

ML Guida

Gwen: My life is a mess. I was flung through time and then literally–cursed by a vengeful witch. I have two identical halves–one evil, the other good. My evil self is burglarizing stores. Just my luck, the attractive but arrogant sheriff has me on tape. How can I convince him that it wasn’t me? Theo: I’m a sheriff. But every time someone I care about is in trouble, I shift into a fire-breathing dragon. I didn’t think things could get worse until a beautiful pirate came to town. She claims she’s innocent and has an evil twin. Really? The worse thing is I’m falling for her. Imagine The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico... A series that brings together outstanding paranormal and science fiction authors to expand a town where witches, aliens, vampires, werewolves, goblins, sorceresses, pirates, time travelers, and paranormal live in harmony - when they aren’t joining forces to defeat the bad guys. A magical town where being abnormal is the norm! I’m S.E. Smith, the creator of Magic, New Mexico and I invite you to curl up with each book now and discover all the action, the magic, and the love that makes Magic, New Mexico the ultimate go-to series for Paranormal / Science Fiction Romance readers.

124 pages

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