Shattered Reality (Branches of Emrys Book 5)

Brandy L Rivers

Reality is so fragile. When Skylar’s boyfriend came to her with crazy and hateful theories about her friends, she had to make a choice—and it wasn’t Tyler. He claimed they were monsters and using dark magic. Skyler assumed he’d lost his mind, so she walked away. Turns out Tyler was half right Jay couldn’t stand by when two werewolves rushed into a coffee shop downtown and shifted, attacking the humans inside. Not fast enough to save the man, he did kill the beasts before they could end the woman’s life. It took one look to realize she was the one he’d been searching for. Time to accept her new reality. Tyler was wrong. Skylar’s friends weren’t exactly human, but a so-called monster saved her life. They may be different, but there was nothing evil about them. Now a werewolf herself, Skylar has to accept her new strength. But the more she learns, the more danger she’s in.

Brandy L Rivers 325 pages

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