A Vampire's Thirst: Flint

A K Michaels

A Vampire’s Thirst: Dark, Dangerous and Undeniable! Lost in a foreign city, ancient Vampire Flint, finds himself facing the toughest battle of his life. What was supposed to be a vacation has turned into a battle to save a young Scottish lass in danger as well as his own sanity when he’s struck with a mysterious Thirst. One that he’s finding hard to control and he’s terrified that if he slips down that route he may never return. With a horde on his tail and the beautiful and injured Kenzie McBride in his arms, he’s struck with the revelation of who and what she is; the most elusive and precious of things in the whole damn universe: a Vampire’s Bloodmate. His Bloodmate. And he’ll fight to the death to keep her safe from anyone who comes after her. Anyone. The hunt is on, the battle fierce. Only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst! Find out if Flint can save Kenzie from those hunting her, and himself from the Thirst in this thrilling installment of A K Michaels’ A Vampire’s Thirst series that hit readers are calling magical, heart pounding, and enthralling. Buy FLINT now to read this hot, steamy, and seat-of-your-pants exhilarating paranormal romance today. *All stories are standalone and can be read in any order.* What Readers are saying:- "Flint and Kenzie’s story is magical. I love it!" By Aimarel Garcés "Wow this book is so engrossing and will grab you at the first page all the way until the end !!" By minimimof2 "Holy smokes! I couldn't stop my heart from pounding, but; I couldn't put this one down either! lol I still say there should be a way to rate this one with more than 5 stars." By Charged On

354 pages

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