Once More With a .44 (A Sheriff Ben Stillman Western)

Peter Brandvold

FROM THE CURRENT KING OF THE SEXY, HARD-DRIVING WESTERN ADVENTURE!  The legendary Sheriff Ben Stillman series continues.... Things have heated up since the last time Ben Stillman brought peace to Clantick, Montana Territory. It's been two years since he left to join the Pinkerstons, and now there's a group of bloodthirsty cowboys who think they own the town. When the ruthless desperados shoot down a helpless, feeble-minded friend of Jody Harmon, it's the last straw. Something's gotta be done. And Jody knows there's just one man for the job. Ben Stillman is returning to Clantick...and he'll have justice once more with a .44...

Wolfpack Publishing 260 pages

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