Infinitely Human (Only Human Book 6)

Candace Blevins

Book six of the ONLY HUMAN series… Kirsten is determined to get the piece of Josh’s soul back from the Siabhra. Her plan will fix another problem, but Abbott won’t be pleased. It’s time for Cora to become alpha of her own pack, but no one knows what this will do to her bond with Kirsten. Will Cora get enough energy from her wolves so she’s in control of the bond? Or will Kirsten own Cora and the pack? A night of explosions all over the South, a week traveling with Ryan, a few trips to Faerie, Bran saves her life (again), and she nearly has to battle Abbott (again). Oh, and she’s still dealing with the evil European vampires and their politics. Strap in and get your popcorn, because the ride towards the big battle is picking up speed. Note: This is book six in an urban fantasy series that must be read in order. The series starts with ONLY HUMAN.

Excessica 302 pages

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