Tips for Making Your Submission as Competitive as Possible

Once we confirm your submission meets our requirements then our editorial team reviews it. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we won’t be able to feature every single title we receive for consideration. We strive to choose titles that we think will most appeal to our subscribers. The following are the main factors that we consider during the review process:

  • How good a deal it is. We only feature books with a discount of 50% or greater, but the deeper the discount, the more compelling the offer will be to our subscribers. If your book is always available for $.99, then a Riffle Select promotion won’t seem particularly special.

  • Date flexibility. We have a limited number of listings in each category so having a flexible range of promotion dates increases the likelihood of your title being selected for a feature.

  • An appealing cover. We look for books with professional and attractive covers.

  • Customer reviews. Customer reviews and ratings help our editorial team get a better sense of how other readers have responded to your book. While not essential, customer reviews will strengthen your submission.

  • Critical reviews. Any blurbs or full reviews from independent editorial sources help us evaluate your submission. Be sure to tell us about any awards, bestseller lists, or other distinctions your book has received.

  • Professional looking retail product page. We want our subscribers to have the best possible experience when downloading your book during a promotion. Make sure your retail product page is accurate, informative, and compelling.

  • Subject matter. Certain genres and subgenres perform better with our readers than others. There are also times when we receive a number of submissions in the same genre all at once. Just because your title isn’t selected the first time doesn’t mean you can't resubmit in the future!

If your book is not selected for a Riffle Select feature, this is by no means a comment on the quality of your work. We simply receive more submissions than we have room to feature each day. We do our best to choose titles that will be as appealing as possible to our subscribers, and as successful a promotion as possible for our authors.