Listing Requirements

To be considered for a Riffle Select promotion your title must be:

  • Free or discounted by at least 50%. Our subscribers are expecting free or deeply discounted books so that’s what we want to deliver. If your book is always available for $.99, then a Riffle Select promotion won’t seem particularly special.

  • The best deal around. A Riffle Select promotion has to be the best deal on offer at the time of promotion.

  • Well-edited and professional looking. We’re looking for well-formatted and well-edited books to offer our subscribers.

  • Of standard length. Your book should be at least 150 pages or roughly 50,000 words, and children’s picture books should be at least 32 pages.

  • A great one sentence pitch about your book. 250 characters max.

Please note that even if your deal meets all of these requirements, that does not guarantee that it will be chosen for a promotion. Riffle Select has an team of editors who review submissions that meet our requirements and select titles they feel are the best fit for our readers.

Check out our Tips page to learn more about our selection process and ways to make your listing as competitive as possible.